Friday, December 14, 2012

Is Your Glass Half Full? A Question For All Baseball TTM Autograph Collectors

What's right about baseball autograph collecting right now?

I ask myself this every day. Not just about the hobby, but about all walks of life. We know the problems. How can we celebrate what's good in the interim?

I began my survey with Rich Hanson, one of the most ambitious autograph collectors I've ever known.

He said:

 About the only thing good about baseball card autograph collecting is the accessability of the players at the minor league level. In-person autographing is still fun. By mail is getting tougher, and the EBayers who sell signatures have lent a foul stench to the hobby. But I'm sure you've heard my complaints on that score already.

Readers, how would you answer?

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  1. It's easier to locate cards for obscure players than it used to be, and the internet makes it easier for ttm collectors to research players.